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Owners, Jacque Cox & Mary Mancuso

Owners, Jacque Cox & Mary Mancuso

It was a mutual friend in the business that first saw the opportunity for Mary and Jacque to join forces. Each was in pursuit of a better way to do business, serve the public, and grow a thriving team of stylists that love what they do. There was some resistance to the idea, but as soon as they had their first cup of coffee (OK, it was tea), they knew that it was a match made in Heaven.

In spite of warnings from friends and family, Mary and Jacque followed their own instincts, put it all down on paper, made it official, and flew off to Miami for a 3-day Aquage Academy. Since then, they have been blessed with the most amazing team of stylists and support staff, who operate like a well-oiled machine.  They continue to grow their business model and their team and are in the process of planning their next expansion.

Their goal has been, and continues to be, to create a space where people feel excited to come to, where their needs are addressed and met and they feel amazing by the time they leave.  Whether it be staff or clients, it doesn’t matter. We are all one.

At the end of the day, when we look at how far we have come, and the beautiful people we get to share life with, it makes all the difference.

As soon as I met her I knew that she was my Yang. She is my polar opposite, but shares all my convictions. I couldn’t imagine not having this lady in my life!
— Jacque
I had always searched for ways to improve the business and capture the brand and niche I had hoped for, but it wasn’t until we joined forces that it catapulted. Jacque completes me! By myself, I could only take it so far, but together, the sky is the limit.
— Mary