Why Massage?

The art of massage has been practiced for thousands of years and the list of benefits continues to grow.

Some of the common benefits are increased blood flow, reduced muscle tension, decreased anxiety, relief from chronic pain, boosted immune system, better digestion, and relief from insomnia.

A professional therapist will be able to customize your session according to the goals you may have.

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When contemplating massage, one of the most important things to consider...

is the benefits you are seeking to receive from a session, whether they are targeted towards stress reduction or symptom relief from a certain health condition.

Everyone is sure to leave a session with increased serotonin, lower blood pressure, and a feeling of well being, long after the session is over.

So, Why Not?


MASSAGE Treatments

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Swedish Massage

The ultimate in relaxation. Fluid, guiding strokes ease muscular aches and relieve tension. Blood circulation is boosted while your body lets itself unwind in peace.
Choose from 45/60/90 minute sessions

Deep Tissue Massage

Recommended for anyone suffering from chronic pain or leading a physically active lifestyle. Muscle tissues are warmed up before penetrating in to the deeper layers to relieve tension. The muscles are lengthened and stretched after targeting issues and restoring flexibility.
Choose from 45/60/90 minute sessions

Hot Stone Massage

Warmed, smooth, river rocks are placed on the body, as well as used as a heated massage tool, to penetrate deeply in to the muscles to melt away tightness and to calm stressed sore muscles. Great for increasing blood flow and releasing toxins, which leave the skin with a rejuvenated glow.
Choose from a 60 or 90 minute sessions


Therapist uses various finger techniques to “work” the foot’s reflexes. These areas of the feet correspond to organs, glands, and internal structures within the body. Expect to feel a release of tension and an overall sense of well-being after your service. Clients remain clothed during the service.
30 minute session

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Prenatal Massage

For mothers-to-be in their 2nd and 3rd trimesters. Helps ease aches and discomfort associated with pregnancy and the changes to a woman’s body. Safe, relaxing techniques are practiced in a side-laying or reclined position, depending on the area being massaged.
60 minute session

Chair Massage

Chair massage produces therapeutic results quickly by concentrating on the areas of greatest tension, which are the neck, back, shoulders, arms and hands. Clients remain fully clothed during service.
Choose from 10/15/20 minute sessions


Take time for yourself and shake off the chaos for just a bit.

Whatever it is that helps you escape...
We encourage you to make yourself comfortable in our treatment room.
Ask for more pressure. Ask for less pressure.
Feel free to adjust the lights and the music volume.
Talk or don’t talk.
This is where it’s all about you!


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