Rose Gold Balayage is the Perfect Autumn Hair Treatment

Recently, we had the honor of hosting an all day, hands on workshop with Jeffrey James from Scruples, International, who flew out to the east coast to share his latest techniques and trends for the art of balayage with a focus on rose gold tones. Aside from many of our staff, we had the pleasure of meeting stylists from 10 other salons in the tri-state area that came out to participate in the event, thanks to Rich and Debbie from Valentine Beauty Supply.

We love to learn and share what we learn!


Balayage – A very natural, sun-kissed effect

Balayage highlighting experts at Mancuso Salon in Sparta, NJ

Balayage is a form of highlighting where the artist paints on lightener in a “sweeping” fashion to create a very natural, sun-kissed effect on the hair.

One of the greatest benefits to having this service is the fact that it grows out very naturally with no roots, thereby minimizing upkeep and maintenance. If you think this service is something you would like to try, the best thing to do to get the best service is schedule an appointment for a consultation first. Depending on your hair length, density, condition, natural color, and previous color services, the timing and pricing for this service may vary greatly, but if you have a consultation first, no matter where you are having it done, you can be sure that the artist will have the proper time booked out for you and approximately how much it will cost.


Although summer is quickly drawing to a close, balayage remains a highly sought after service in the salon. This Fall, we are looking forward to adding some rich glazes to this service to compliment the changing season and fashion trends!

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