Calling All Curls!


If you have been blessed with curls, you also know the frustration that can come along with receiving a bad haircut or not knowing how to style or maintain your hair.

Well, you’re in luck!

Here at Mancuso Salon and Spa, our curl specialist, ToniAnn, can teach you tips and tricks on maintaining your style at home. Using the DevaCurl technique, your hair will be cut in its natural dry state allowing your curls to be cut where they live naturally. Each curl is cut individually, therefore not disrupting the hair pattern. This will leave you with the beautiful shape that you’ve always hoped for.

ToniAnn, Certified DevaCurl Stylist

ToniAnn, Certified DevaCurl Stylist

Whether you have curly, kinky, or corkscrew hair, you will be shocked at what your curls can really do! Its time to celebrate letting those locks loose!

Call today for an appointment with ToniAnn - our Certified DevaCurl Stylist.