Mancuso Salon & Spa Proud To Be A Regular 'Diva For A Day' Host

The staff at Mancuso Salon in Sparta, NJ is so happy to be a host salon for the wonderful non-profit organization “Diva For A Day”. Based in New Jersey, but now helping to pamper women in 28 different states, the ladies who started this cause truly deserve our praise. Debbie Sestokas of Warren Township and Peggy Matzen of Basking Ridge release the benefits to providing a woman dealing with cancer a day of pampering and escape. Mancuso Salon & Spa has partnered with them as of August 2018 and has been delighted with our experience with our first 2 Divas!


Diva for a Day Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization founded in 2010 by two friends who recognize the benefits of a day to escape from the daily stresses a woman will face while dealing with cancer. Through the program, special Divas are selected each month to enjoy a complete day of pampering, at a participating salon/spa. It is a day to rest, relax and restore. It is our goal and passion to make this program available to as many women as possible who are facing a cancer diagnosis.

What a blessing it was to have Charlene as our guest for the day! A gentle reminder for all of us that, although sometimes our day in and day out becomes routine, to the guest on the receiving end, it can be life changing. Thank you for providing us with the opportunity! Diva for a Day is a wonderful organization and we look forward to meeting our next guest!
— Jacqueline Cox, Owner Mancuso Salon

We hosted our 2nd Diva on October 8th, 2018 and really enjoyed our time with her. We look forward to being able to host and provide complimentary hair, nail and spa services to those strong women who could day to clear their minds and just enjoy life. Thank you to Diva For A Day for providing us that opportunity to sponsor a wonderful cause!

If you know a deserving Diva who is recently diagnosed, currently in treatment, or less than 6 months out from the completion of their treatment, simply click on the nomination form and let us know!
— Diva For A Day